Also tired of Fake HR?

So, why & what?
It would be a lie to state that this initiative has grown on us over the last couple of years. We know Swedish HR stands strong internationally, but despite that there is not a colorful, skillset driven and disruptive HR association in Sweden. We would like to change that!

There has been a shift in the world of HR. Organisations has become more and more aware of the importance of craftmanship and strategic work regarding; talent acquisition, talent management, performance development, inclusion & belonging, leadership, change management, value based cultures and employer branding to name a couple of frontleaning HR fortes. This is what we are trained for, this is what we are experienced in and this is what we do.


But, in the same pace the game has changed from only transactional and operating HR to what is described in the long list of purposeful, inspriring, change leadership day to day – other groups have started to package, sell and claim this line of work.

"This HR Community is on point - HR, the real deal. For HR by HR"


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