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This is a HR Videos On Demand. A living seed capsule of worklife and workplace coming live from a Rooftop in Stockholm, Sweden. Your host; Anne-Marie Andric and side-kick Katarina Berg doing a podcast if you like - on HR - Straight Across The Counter.

On demand from some of the largest Global HR Tech Conferences & People Summits, were senior HR Professionals come to do business and sponsored by HR The Real Deal. HR for HR by HR.


HR Videos On Demand (VOD)

HR Across The Counter Season I

VOD 1: Whats on my HR mind?

VOD 2: Crisis Management

VOD 3: Company Culture During the Pandemic

VOD 4: Spotify People Strategy

VOD 5: Leadership

Holiday Break


HR Videos On Demand (VOD)

HR Across The Counter Season II

VOD 6:

Jan 12

VOD 7:

Jan 26

VOD 8:

Feb 9

VOD 9:

Feb 23

VOD 10:

Mar 9

VOD 11:

Mar 23

VOD 12:

Apr 6

VOD 13:

Apr 20

VOD 14: 

May  4

VOD 15:

May 18

VOD 16:

Jun 1

VOD 17:

Jun 15

VOD 18:

Jun 29


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