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HR Video On Demand

HR Straight Across The Counter 

This is a HR Videos On Demand. A living seed capsule of worklife and workplace coming live from a Rooftop in Stockholm, Sweden. Your host; Anne-Marie Andric and side-kick Katarina Berg doing a podcast if you like - on HR - Straight Across The Counter.

On demand from some of the largest Global HR Tech Conferences & People Summits, were senior HR Professionals come to do business and sponsored by HR The Real Deal. HR for HR by HR.


HR Videos On Demand (VOD)

HR Across The Counter (POD

S1 EP1: Whats on my HR mind?

S1 EP2: Crisis Management

S1 EP3: Company Culture During the Pandemic

S1 EP4: Spotify People Strategy

S1 EP5: Leadership

S1 EP6: Leadership at HQ Division


HR Videos On Demand (VOD)

HR Across The Counter (POD)

S2 EP1: Lead On Leave

S2 EP2: The New Leadership

S2 EP3: Employer Branding

S2 EP4: What's on my HR Mind?

S2 EP5: Recilliance vs Anti Fragile

S2 EP6: Business Driven Action Learning Programs

S2 Ep7: Heart & Soul (Mentalhealth)

S2 Ep8: Being a Swedish Global Company

S2 Ep9: What's on my HR mind?

S2 Ep10: Work From Anywhere 



HR Videos On Demand (VOD)

HR Across The Counter (POD)


S3 EP1: What's on my HR mind?

S3 EP2: Spotify WFA w/ Anna Lundström

S3 EP3: Talent Acquisition 

S3 EP4: A Talent Company

S3 EP 5: DISCO - Where People Data come to dance

S3 EP5: DISCO - The Next Dancing moves (PA)

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HR for HR 
by HR


HR Summit 2021:
The Year of RE

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is high time to dare to reimagine, which is why we call to action. In the Year of RE: - Rethink, Redefine, Redesign we bring you our fourth consecutive HR Summit. Our hope is for you to get a chance to re:sponse, re:orient, re: shuffle, re:construct, re:organise and re:do


We have missed you and we sure hope you have missed us too! There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about and is generous enough to share its thoughts and experience. And in every community, there is work to be done. Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much

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