Who rocked this week!

2019-05-10     Shaoutout to Sabina Rasiwala for entering a trending topic for our HR Lab no 4!


2019-05-03    To the small but engaged People Analytics Lab team and for sharing their write up. 


2019-04-26    Shoutout to Henrik Fontin for entering another relevant topic for our HR Lab no 3!

2019-04-19    No shoutout this week. really?!


2019-04-12     Shoutout to Arvid Hedman for entering a smart topic for our HR Lab no 2

2019-04-05     To the amazing Culture & Sustainability Lab Team; great collaboration & super interesting manifesto! More to come from this group of lab rats. 


2019-03-29     No shoutouts this week... :-(


2019-03- 22    Congratulations Cecilia Lundin at Telia, CHRO of the Year!!!


2019-03-15     This weeks shout out goes to the White Buffalo (rare, talented, driven outgoing, fun, HAPPY) Anna Dyhre for never claiming she is HR or has worked within HR while she has been working with Employer  Branding longer than most people. 


2009- 03-08    To all of you who entered HR Lab topics the last three weeks. We have enough topics for all of 2019 now!


2019-03-01    Ida Troive with award winning Team for doing a great presentation - Impossible does not live here!


2019-02-22     To the fellow revolutionists that entered topics to our HR Lab. 

2019-02-15      No shout outs entered this week...


2019-02-08      A shout out to all the 2000 HR professionals joining the movement!


2019 -02-01     To Sofia Brax, CHRO and Sustainability, Collector Bank for adding a topic for our first HR Lab!

2019-01-25      Again. A warm and sincere shout out to Johannes Sundlo who took and shared his photographs from our HR the Real Deal Summit. Thank You!


2019-01-18      To all our amazing speakers on our first HR the Real Deal Summit. You are simply the best for taking the time out to invest and share your different experience with your fellow revolutionists!

2018-12-21      Amazeballs - Jozef Khasho has accepted and agreed to be our final keynote on the HR the Real Deal Summit. Thanks to all of you who admitted his names as your most wanted speaker and, thank you Jozef (this Years CHRO of the Year) to come and talk about your value journey with us!

2018-12-14      To all the HR professionals that has joined the Movement. More than 1600 followers in two months. Hope to see you at the Summit!


2018-12-07      Kudos to Slush for creating such a valuable and amazing event with next level content. Especially the People Track with a Diversity & Inclusion focus!


2018-11-30     Thank You Hotel Birger Jarl for giving HR the Real Deal attendees a discount up to 20% off!


2018-11-23    Who rocks. You rock! For working hard to make your workplace a great place to work. This is to all the unsung HR heroes out there!

2018-11-16    What took you so long, but you still earned a loud shout out for having a data and engagement based Talent Award. Go LinkedIn!

2018-11-09    We would like to do a Shout out to Ida
Troive and the Gröna Lund HR Team for winning the

Human Growth Award: HR Team of the Year.

You rock!

2018-11-02    We would like to do a special Shout out to Johannes Sundlo for being on point by taking a stance for all HR professionals. We salute you!

You want to cred a HR professional,  who rocked this week?!


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