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The Year of RE
A hybrid HR event for HR professionals, leaders, and everyone who wants to RE:THINK RE:DEFINE and RE:DESIGN the future of HR. Experience this full-day event together with your peers IRL at the main event, Vasateatern Stockholm, or join virtually from wherever you are. As always, all HR the Real Deal events and activities are non-profit.


Nov 25 2021

08.15 – 08.45 Registration 

09.00 - 17.00 HR the Real Deal Summit: The Year of RE

17.15 After Summit Mingle

A hybdrid event in three segways - RE:THINK, RE:DEFINE & RE:DESIGN

This is an investment in you - your team - and the power of us!

The Year of RE Agenda, a Summit in Three Segways

Confirmed speakers and our host/facilitator:

Insta_Nina Falkstrand.png
Insta_Anne-Marie Andric.png

Nina Falkstrand & Anne-Marie Andric our emcee's and guides to the RE galaxy

Insta_Josh Bersin (1).png

Josh Bersin, Founder Josh Bersin Academy & Josh Berson Company 

1. HR Transformation, Why and How? (RE:THINK)

Price  995 SEK + tax                                        Non Profit

IRL price include a full-day seminar, breakfast, fika, lunch, venue, production  & tech

295 SEK + tax

Virtual price include  production and tech

Insta_Lisa Gunnarsson.png

Lisa Gunnarsson, Head of Learn & Engage at LinkedIn

Insta_Gary Munro.png

Gary Munro, Head of HR Insights & People Analytics at Spotify

2. HR Transformation: The Four Pillars (RE:DEFINE)

Insta_Jessica Häggström.png

Jessica Häggström, Head of HR, Investor

Insta_Katarina Roddar.png

Katarina Roddar, HR Director at PWC Sweden



Cecilia Lundin, Head of People Experience & Culture at Telia Company AB


Anna Lundin, HR Unit Lead Freemium & People Constituents and Alexander Westerdahl, HR Unit Lead Consumer & R&D at Spotify

3. HR Transformation: Talent Mobility (RE:DESIGN)


Emma Cleasson, EVP People & Culture at Axel Johnson


Anna Stenberg, Chief People & Platform Officer at Kinnevik 


Fredrik Wetterlundh, CHRO Scandic Hotels Group & Magnus Bild at Bild & Runsten

Insta_Jane Datta (1).png

Jane Datta, Chief Human Capital Officer at NASA

Our sponsors / partners

HR Lab

Interested in a joint HR Lab that brings HR professionals together to transform personal insights into crisp, tangable and doable ideas, and build lasting networks around a couple of themes. Since HR the Real Deal is a non-profit you have the possibility to add themes, run labs and own the outcome together with the rest of the lab rats.

You also want to be a lab rat together with the rest of us?

HR for HR 
by HR


HR Summit 2021:
The Year of RE

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is high time to dare to reimagine, which is why we call to action. In the Year of RE: - Rethink, Redefine, Redesign we bring you our fourth consecutive HR Summit. Our hope is for you to get a chance to re:sponse, re:orient, re: shuffle, re:construct, re:organise and re:do


We have missed you and we sure hope you have missed us too! There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about and is generous enough to share its thoughts and experience. And in every community, there is work to be done. Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much

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